Often, when I provide tiling quotes, I find that customers have only considered the cosmetic aspects of the tiling project and have rarely thought about what work needs to go into creating an amazing end product that will withstand the test of time.

In my years as a tiler, there have been times where customers have declined my services because of a slightly higher price, opting for the services of a tradesman who has not included surface preparation in their quote. These same customers have contacted me after the completion of a project to ‘fix’ the work. Overlooking the surface preparation is a costly mistake. Although a tiling project may appear cosmetically sound in the beginning, it won’t be long before the cracks appear (literally). Allocating time and resources to ensure your tiling project is done correctly the first time will save you from re-doing the project a second time.

A good tiler knows that preparation is the most important aspect of any tiling project and won’t cut corners. When you are looking for a tiler, ensure that you have done your homework and understand what your tiling project involves. Remember a tiling project is only as good as its surface.

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Waterproofing Bathroom
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