Often when I visit clients to provide an estimate for a bathroom renovation, they are surprised about the amount of work that is involved. A bathroom renovation consists of more than a cosmetic overhaul.

Bathrooms add value to homes. Although you should not over capitalise, you should still work out a healthy budget to make sure that your bathroom stands the test of time. I am often asked how much for a bathroom renovation?. It is a hard question to answer as it depends on the size of the bathroom, the complexity involved in renovating the bathroom and the

products chosen.

When renovating a bathroom, one of the most crucial details is the layout of the bathroom. Where are your windows and doors?, how will they dictate your layout?, where will you place your shower, bath, vanity and toilet?, what type of fixtures and tiles do you want?, how much storage do you need?, what type of lighting do you want? etc. The layout of the bathroom is important not only because it makes the bathroom more functional but it also adds value to your home.  There may be additional costs to change the layout such as moving the plumbing but in the end it will be worthwhile.

Many trades are involved in a bathroom renovation, tilers, carpenters, plasterers, plumbers and electricians. It takes good communication skills, time and a good project plan to complete. Although it may sound daunting, a good bathroom renovator can help deliver the bathroom you want and need without the hassle.

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